Presidio Wine Bunkers is San Francisco’s one and only underground wine storage vault commercially available for individual collectors.
We offer the optimal conditions for storing and aging your wine.

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Wine Storage Near You

Our historic bunkers are situated south of Nob Hill on the site of the Stotsenburg and McKinnon batteries, offering breathtaking views of the San Francisco Bay. We’re easy to access from the entire Bay Area and serve collectors from all across the region. You’ll find our historic bunkers at 1430 Compton Rd, making us the perfect storage location for residents across the entire San Francisco metro.

Wine Storage for Private Collectors & Businesses

Ideal Wine Storage Conditions

It’s not easy to find the perfect home for your wine collection. There are facilities out there that will boast about their air conditioned and humidity-controlled conditions, but we assure you that you won’t find another wine storage facility quite like Presidio Wine Bunkers. We’ve recommissioned our underground vaults to provide the ideal temperature and humidity for aging your wine naturally while maintaining its integrity. Our storage vaults are nature controlled and underground, so when the weather is unstable or electricity fails, our bunkers maintain the perfect wine storage conditions.

Helpful Staff

Our helpful staff is always willing to answer questions and help you choose the perfect option for storing your collection. After all, we’re oenophiles ourselves, so it would be a disaster to us to see a valuable collection stored improperly! Whether you’re a sommelier or simply appreciate the complex flavors and value of good wine, we’re eager to provide you with the optimum wine storage conditions you seek to store your collection properly. We even offer you use of our tasting room so you can cork and sample your favorite bottle with friends. Come visit us and let us show you our storage vaults!